Rudolf Guderjan b. 1905 Wortschin

David Wirth @, Donnerstag, 14.02.2019, 13:43 (vor 188 Tagen) @ werner guderjan

Hello all,

My Opa is Rudolf Guderjan born in Wortschin in 1905 and not much do we know about his family, but that his parents both died in the Spanish Flu and from what I have heard he was raised by his brother Emil and his wife. . Having read some of this information I now believe that quite possibly he was a younger brother of Gottfried, and Emil.
Rudolf moved to Canada with his wife Helene Schmidtke of Antowka shortly after WW2 and he never saw any of his family again from Europe. He passed away in 1989.
I would love to hear from any of you who may have information on any of this.


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