Seridko and Bleach

Rachel Bohn @, Freitag, 19.10.2018, 00:24 (vor 219 Tagen)

I am looking for information/records about the SERIDKO family of "Swinarin, Woh". Now Swinarin (Swinarzyn/Svynaryn), Turiisk, Volyn, Ukraine.Klaus Seridko was born there on 23 December 1917. Only child as his father Peter died a year after his son Kalus was born. Mother was Anna Bleach. Any helpful suggestions would be great. That’s all my cousin knows about her grandpa Klaus and his parents. It’s a mystery.

I have never come across these last names Seridko and Bleach during my research the last three years. Makes me think the spelling isn’t right for Seridko and Bleach.

Thank you for your help

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