ROMOND and WINKEL families

Suzy Romond @, Freitag, 01.10.2021, 06:04 (vor 25 Tagen)


I am looking for information on the Romond (Romont or Romund) and Winkel families. My husband's grandfather was Michal Romond born in 1871 and died 19.03.1919 in Siedlce, Eastern Poland. We do not know where Michal was born as no birth, marriage or death records have been found. We have heard that he served in the Tsar's army during the Russian-Japanese War and was sent to Manchuria.

Michal Romond married Marianna Kisielinska 1880-1960 from the village of Kisielany Kuce, near Siedlce, Eastern Poland. They had 5 children.
. Franciszek born on 15.11.1906 in Kisielany Kuce, he died on 18.05.1942 in a Soviet internment camp in Uzbekistan as a prisoner of war.
. Leokadia - 1907-1993 Warsaw ? Poland
. Czeslaw - 1909-? in Poland
. Ryszard (Richard) born on 02.01.1912 in Kisielany Kuce, he died 26.01.1996 in Belgium. The only child of Michal and Marianna to marry.
Around 1914, Michal and Marianna with their young family were forced to leave and were sent to Saratov, Russia where their youngest child was born. The family would later return to Kisielany Kuce.
. Waclaw Romond born on 25.09.1915 Saratov, Russia, he died a few years ago on 08.05.2018 in Siedlce, Eastern Poland.

Parent's of Michal were Krystyan (Krystian) Romont born ~1840- ? and Karolina Winkel born ~1838-~1926. Together they also had 2 daughters who married and immigrated to the US. The family spoke German.
From SGGEE (freely available to the public) and Mormons (Poland, Evangelical) I found one of their daughters. Emilia Romond (Romund) born in 1874 in the village of Karolinow, Krywiczki, Chelm (Eastern Poland). And in 1893 Emilia married Johann Brandenburger born 1866 in Amelin.

I would really like to find the families of Karolina Winkel and Krystyan Romont, their parents, siblings etc.
If anyone on this forum can assist me with information or have connections to those families would you kindly please let me know. Any help will be highly appreciated, thank you.



ROMOND and WINKEL families, Congress Poland

Irene König ⌂, Freitag, 01.10.2021, 17:21 (vor 25 Tagen) @ Suzy Romond

Hello Suzy,

SGGEE may be a better place to post your inquiry. We are mainly concerned with the genealogy of our ancestors who lived in the Volyn Governorate (today northwestern Ukraine), and your people seem to have come from former Congress Poland.

Good luck! Irene

ROMOND and WINKEL families, Congress Poland

Suzy Romond @, Samstag, 02.10.2021, 05:05 (vor 24 Tagen) @ Irene König

Hello Irene

Thank you for your quick reply and your advice is much appreciated.

Kind regards

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