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Re: MARTIN family, Beresowka, Belarus

verfasst von Irene König(R) Homepage, 13.04.2018, 10:46


The Martin family mentioned in Don Miller's book lived in a village that didn't belong to Volhynia. This village was in (today) Belarus and we do not have any information on Belarus on this website.

You will not find anything on your great-grandfather by asking about any Martin family in any village. With no facts and documents, nobody in the world will be able to find a trace of this man in Russia.

> who left So. Russia in 1894

What does the abbreviation So stand for?

> he and his family got permission through the German embassy in Zytomir.

Do you have a document? What do you mean with his family? Parents and siblings? Wife and children?

If you know next to nothing on your great-grandfather, you will have to search first for information on immigration, naturalization, marriage, death and the like, hoping there is a hint on his origin.


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