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Re: Familie SCHRAMM

verfasst von Craig Schiller E-Mail, 10.02.2018, 20:25

At any rate, I don't see an Adolf Schramm in the Lutsk books for 1903 either. But I ran a search in sggee.org's VKP database (which only goes up to about 1900 right now, but a project to get it up to 1913 is underway) as well, and while it doesn't recored any children being born to a Joseph Schramm/Pauline Fischer at all, it does have three births (two in Antonowka) whose parents are listed as Joseph Schramm and Pauline BARTEL: Carl (24 Apr 1888), Johann (2 Mar 1898) and Pauline (23 Mar 1896).

So that might just be an unrelated coincidence, but it might also be that you had the wrong surname for Adolf's mother.

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