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Re: FN Meyer in Wolhynien

verfasst von Ansgar Mantey, 29.11.2017, 20:22

Zitat SGGEE Web Seite:

Note: A search will bring up both Births and Confirmations. The letter C in the page column instead of a page number identifies the entry as a Confirmation that took place in the year noted with the film number. For Confirmations, the Event Place has the form “B- xxx, C or R place- yyy”, where xxx stands for the Birth Place, and yyy stands for either the Confirmation Place or the Residence Place depending on which one is given in the confirmation record.

> B-place Saegemuehle, Preussen
= Geburtsort Sägemühle in Preußen
> C oder R place Sapust
C = Ort der Konfirmation und R der angegebene Wohnort zur Zeit der Konfirmation


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