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Re: Ahnensuche GERDEL

verfasst von Bazyli Kijko E-Mail, 04.09.2017, 17:13

Piotr Gerdel (before 1814 - ?) Nowy Dwor
Elzbieta Porsz (before 1814 - ?)
Jakub (1814 - ?)
Jan Wilhelm (1818 - ?)
Leopold Ferdynand (1821 - ?)

I am sorry, that information was incorrect.

Jakob's parents as Peter Gerdel and Maria Teofila Arendt. It also includes two of Jakob's siblings: [1] Michael, born about 1808 in Sochaczew, Warszawa, Poland, and [2] Rosina, born about 1811 in Olszynki, Sochaczew, Warszawa, Poland, married Martin Malmin.

Jakob's wife is identified as Eva Witt, daughter of Christian Witt and Eva Dommer, born about 1815 in Famulki Lozowskie, Sochaczew, Warszawa, Poland. Eva had three siblings: [1] Michael Ludwig, born about 1818 in Bieliny, Sochaczew, Warszawa, Poland, married Kristine Ratz, [2] Johann, born about 1807 in Famulki Krolewskie, Sochaczew, Warszawa, Poland, married Rosine Edelburg, and [3] Christian Jakob, born about 1805 in Famulki Krolewskie, Sochaczew, Warszawa, Poland, no spouse listed.

Jakob Gerdel and Eva Witt were married 27 Jan 1834 in Ilow, Sochaczew, Warszawa, Poland.

Jakob's father-in-law Christian Witt died 28 Mar 1833. No place of death is given.

Eva Dommer, the wife of Christian Witt, was born in about 1784 in Kepa Niemiecka, Plock, Warszawa, Poland. Her parents were Peter Dommer and Anna Winter.

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