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Eduard FRITZ

verfasst von Oscar Fritz E-Mail, 21.07.2017, 21:08

I´m looking for the exact place where my grandfather EDUARD FRITZ was born. The only thing I really know is that he died in Argentina (Obera Misiones) in 1939, he was around 23 years old.

My father BALDUINO FRITZ (born in 1939 in Santa Rosa Rio Grande do Sul, BRAZIL) was only 11 months old.

EDUARD FRITZ was married to DINA SCHIEWE. They married in BRAZIL. She never left a document of his first husband FRITZ.

EDUARD FRITZ was the son of HERMANN FRITZ, who also died at a short age in BRAZIL, but I don´t really have no clue yet where they were born. They say they had German-wolhynien background.

I wish you can help me. I am the second son of BALDUINO, OSCAR FRITZ. Best regards.

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