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Re: Freier from Marinkow

verfasst von Horst Renz E-Mail, 20.06.2017, 18:26

Hello Jessie D . The Marinkow you are referring to is the one north of Torczyn and west of Rozyszcze, in proximity to the town of Beresk. It is therefore most commonly referred to as Marinkow / Beresk, so as to distinguish it from several other Marinkows in Wolhynien. There is no trace of the colony /village of Marinkow nowadays, the fate of most other German colonies in Wolynien (Volhynia), now only empty tracts of land. In its nearly 80 year history as a German Colony, ending in the winter of 1940, it had at its height at most a population of only a few hundred. My paternal grandmother was born there in 1867, at a time when your Freier relatives were living there. My maternal uncle was also born there, in 1903. So I take it thatMichael Freier (oo Caroline Werner) and Ludwig Freier (oo Louise Stach) were brothers. Ludwig was born 2 Oct. 1855 in Klementinow / Petrikau according to my records, the parents being Johann Freier (*1823 +27.3.1876 Marinkow)--Catharine Betker (*@1825 Malkow/ Petrikau--+3 Nov. 1887 Marinkow. Do you have a birth date / place for Michael? You stated that you've already recorded the children of Michael and Ludwig Freier in Marinkow from the SGGEE Database, but you may not have the marriage of Julius Freier (*10 Apr. 1888 Marinkow) , son of Ludwig Freier--Louise Stach, on 19 Feb. 1914 , to Pauline Ilgert (*4 Jan. 1893 Marinkow). They had at least 2 children: Hedwig Freier (*23.4.1915 Marinkow) and Ewald Freier (*23.10.1917 ). I don't have a birthplace for Ewald , but it cannot have been in Wolhynien (Volhynia), as all the German colonists there had been either verschleppt into far eastern Russia or escaped to East Prussia by that time and there was no German left in Marinkow by 1917. My grandmother Riedner who was born in Marinkow had 3 sisters who emigrated to the U.S. after they married in Wolhynien and one of her brothers moved to and stayed in Germany with his large family. I have a lot of other relatives that left Wolhynien for either Germany or South America. Late 19th. -- early 20th centuries saw a lot of emigration from Wolhynien as most of the German colonists had large families back then and economic opportunities were much more available abroad. The Russian govt. at that time was also becoming increasingly repressive towards the German colonists, who they were coming to see as a threat.
Regards, Horst from New York

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