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Andreas HANKE

verfasst von Tallys W H E-Mail, 17.04.2017, 22:10

I'm searching for informations about my ancestor Andreas Hanke (and his family), born about 1827 in Petrikau, Poland (or Piotrkow Tribunalski, I'm not sure), died on april 20 1889 in Sablotschitz, Volhynia (according to SGGEE).
His wife was Susanna Dudzinski, sometimes named Anna or Anna Dorothea. These variations don't let me be sure about all their children:
- Juliane Hanke (born 1855), married Johann Ferdinand Koletzki;
- Wilhelm Hanke (born 1857), married Emilie Loose (went to Brazil);
- Samuel Hanke (born 1860), married Christine Reimann;
- Johann Friedrich Hanke (born 1861), married Louise Kettner;
- Adolph Hanke (1864-1916), married Augustine Friedrich (went to Brazil);
- Eduard Hanke (born 1866) (I guess he went to Canada, not sure);
- Eva Hanke (born 1869), married Ludwig Eberhard.
I had find a marriage register of Andrzej Hanke and Anna Dorotha Dudzinski (1847) in Zelow, Poland.
If someone could confirm these informations or knows something else about this family (or Andreas' birth and parents), I would be grateful.
Best regards!

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