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Re: KNOLL family from Myszyn

verfasst von Ron Knoll (per Email) E-Mail, 20.03.2017, 13:13

This is incredible information Irene. I can’t thank you enough and I am amazed at how quickly you were able to find it.

No one in our family speaks or reads Polish or Russian. I can read a bit of German (often have to use an on-line translator) but have great difficulty reading anything that is hand written, as everything was in those days. If you have the time and inclination, any other translations you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

I’m also curious about the spelling change from Knull to Knoll. I’m wondering if Knull was a Russian spelling or what the reason for the change might be.

Thank you so much. This is very exciting – I’m forwarding your email to my siblings and cousins.


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