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Re: KNOLL family from Myszyn

verfasst von Irene König(R) Homepage, 20.03.2017, 02:37

Hello Ron,

Your grandfather Friedrich was born in the western part of Volhynia, in a small village called Myszyn which, it seems, doesn't exist anymore. It was situated about 10 miles west of Luzk, 2 miles NW of Oderady.

Myszyn on a map, 1887

In those days, the village was part of the Rozyszcze Parish. Most of the church books are online!

It was not that difficult to find the birth record of your grandfather (written in Russian):

Rozyszcze Parish
Friedrich KNULL
* 4 Feb 1892 in Myszyn, Luzk uyezd
~ 9 Feb 1892 in Adamow-Oderady
son of Adam KNULL and his wife Emilia nee JAHNS

Other children of Adam and Emilia in the database:
Rosalie *1885 +1885, Hulda *1887, Heinrich Eduard *1889, Emma *1894, August *1896

Adam KNOLL and Emilie JAHNS got married in Rozyszcze on 10 Jan 1884. The record is written in German and you should be able to read it. Let me know if you need some help.

It says that Adam was born in Dziepulc, Gouvernement of Petrikau. I had a look at the church book of Dziepółć and found him in the 1863 book. He was born in Babczów. That it does not get boring, this one is written in Polish. I'm too tired to translate it now and, who know's, maybe are you fluent in Polish?


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