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Re: Kamien family

verfasst von eliane balko mettifogo E-Mail, 15.03.2017, 02:30


She had her first child at age 14, although it was not common.
Melida's parents were named Wenzel Schreiber and Henriqueta Schreiber.
I do not have the maiden name of the mother, since here in Brazil it was custom to take my maiden name and assume the surname of the husband. Viktor's parents were called Johann and Maria / Mariana Kamien, and a woman also did not have a maiden name.
This is the biggest problem of the German immigrants in Brazil, our records of almost all families are those that surnames of the women and all the records are those that came from GERMANY.
As far as I knew Viktor was the only son and had a 5 Or 6 sisters, but did not say he had a brother who had stayed in Germany.
Anyway, there are few chances that I will get any information about them because I do not have more data to provide.
I was hoping someone would have known someone with this last name because I already researched SGGEE and I did not find the last name.



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