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Kamien family

verfasst von eliane elena balko mettifogo E-Mail, 14.03.2017, 23:38


I wonder if you have seen any records of the Kamien family?
The parents of my maternal grandmother were Melida Schreiber and Viktor Kamien. They came from Germany to Brazil with their parents and were married in Brazil.
For years I've been researching here in Brazil and I can not find any clue where they might have come from.
I believe they came from the region of Volyn, because everyone here when talking about Volyn says that he came from Russia.
The couple's first child was born in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil in 1908, so they came a few years earlier.
Melida was born in 1894.
If anyone can tell me at least if they really could have lived in that region or if I should try elsewhere it would already be a clue.

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