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Re: documents

verfasst von eliane elena balko mettifogo E-Mail, 11.03.2017, 19:31

Hello Irene,

Sorry I did not know that I should use the same topic.
The document that says that he was born in June was issued by the church in Russian.
The document that said he was born in July was also issued by the church which says he made a confirmation in 1923, but that confirmation paper was issued in Prussia.
I also have the naturalization certificate which was made in Prussia in 1927, where a continuation data is the 24 July 1909.
If the parents' marriage records and the children's births were made in Lustz then they are lost?
In the records of SGGEE in the marriage of Adolf Balko in 1909 that is not part of this family.
I hoped you could tell me there was another place to look. Thank you for your help.



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