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Re: Registers Wladimir Volinski 1909

verfasst von Irene König(R) Homepage, 11.03.2017, 12:35

Please, do not open a new thread for the same family. Thank you.

There is no church book for the year 1909 online (nor is it at the Polish archives in Warsaw). They have a register with names for 1897-1915, like an index, but even if Adolf is listed, there will not be a birth date, only the number of the entry.

The Ukrainian archives in Lutsk hold books for 1906-1913 but with many gaps, no guarantee that Adolf is listed.

As for the document giving Adolf's birth date, how old is it? Who gave the information? Adolf himself or his parents? What is the other document that has the "correct date of birth" that you mentioned? Is it older? Just some thoughts. Besides, you should consider that a "correct" date was maybe less important at that time as it is for us in modern times.


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