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Re: Registers Wladimir Volinski

verfasst von eliane elena balko mettifogo E-Mail, 11.03.2017, 07:23

I have documents stating that he [Adolf BALKO] was born in Jelenow and was registered with the date of birth on June 9, 1909 in Wladimir Volinsky, although the correct date of birth was July 24, 1909.

I would like to find the records in the book so I researched the sggee books and your own website but did not find them. His name was Adolf Balko and his son [was a son of] Gustav Balko and Juliana Heger.

Gustav and Juliana were married in February 1903 and had the following children.

Elsa in May or June of 1904/1905
Olga in May or June of 1907 in Jelenow
Adolf in June / July 1909 in Jelenow
Wilhelm in November 1911 in Sapust

If anyone can help me I will be grateful because as I said I do not know if I am doing something wrong in my search.



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