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Re: BALKO family

verfasst von Gerhard König(R) Homepage E-Mail, 10.03.2017, 07:16

Hello Elaine,

> Do you know why the death certificates of Johann and Wilhelm were not found? Were they in some book that was destroyed?

A death entry of Wilhelm BALKO I cant find.

It can be, that I found the death entry of Johann BALKO:
Johann BALKO † 4.9.1903 in Jasinowka, 79 years 5 month old, widower, born Prussia

source 1: Lutheran churchbook Rozyzscze 1903 (copy), page 217, number 334 - this book is in the archive Luzk, Ukraine
source 2: Lutheran churchbook Rozyzscze 1903, page 42, number 334 - this book is in the archive Warszaw, Poland (online, written in Russian and translated for you)


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