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Death record

verfasst von eliane elena balko mettifogo E-Mail, 10.03.2017, 03:07

Hello, Thank you for accepting me on the forum.
I have researched my family and discovered that they went from Prussia to Wolhynia between 1864 and 1870.

My great-great-grandfather was named Johann Balko and was married to Caroline Militz and had a son in Wolhynia on April 18, 1871 and was named Adolf Balko.
I found the records of the marriages and even the death record of Caroline Militz who is registered as Caroline Balxon and who happened in May 1880.
I would like to find the record of death of Johann Balko, but I know the dsta and even looking at the books I found no clue. Can someone help me?

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