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Re: Evangelische Kirche Shitomir

verfasst von Jerry Frank †(R) Homepage, Calgary, Canada, 27.08.2004, 16:18

Als Antwort auf: Evangelische Kirche Shitomir von Heiko am 27. August 2004 14:27:19:

There is no birth record for a Martin Zech in the early Volhynia records. There were 3 Zech families that seem to have arrived about 1834 as the first birth of a child is recorded in 1835. The records indicate these are 3 brothers.

Johann Zech and Lowisa Kunkel (Johann born in Stokow near Strikow, Poland)
Ludwig Zech and Anna Christina Schoenke (Ludwig was a Kantor and performed some of the baptisms)
Christian Zech and Justina Zahn (Ludwig and Christian were born in Antonowka, in the Lentschutz [Leczyca] district of Russian Poland)

These people were living at Marcelinhof also known as Marcelindorf / Wulka / Wolka. It is on the Horyn River, about 30 km north of Rowno.

The Boettger family also arrived at Marcelinhof about this same time.

Michael Boettger and Anna Rosine Muth
Michael was born in Barnshna near the town of Stawschin [Stawiszyn], Russian Poland. Anna was born in Melinec near the town of Bawiak [Babiak]. One of their daughters was born in village of .ushnavitz [Gosniewice?]near the town of Warka, in the Warsaw district. Baptised in Warka by the Roman Catholic priest,the second daughter of the second marriage of living parents confirmed in the Polish German town of Blinden? in the Warsaw district by the Lutheran Pastor of Rawe.

Since these 2 surnames appear in the same town, it is almost certain that Martin is the son of one of the above couples. Since Martin married in 1852, he was probably born before 1834 in either Stokow or Antonowka.

The town were all these people lived was only about 6 km from Solomka where my Hemminger ancestors also arrived about 1834.

Theophil was located about 30 km NE of Luck. This information is from a map by Kurt Luck but I have not been able to verify it on any topographical map. This was about 40 km west of Marcelinhof.

I do not at this time have a Berwald on my map of Volhynia. If it is in Volhynia, please let me know where so that I can add it.

This is only a summary of available information. I recommend that you view the microfilms yourself to confirm the information I have provided. Then move on to research in Russian Poland.

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