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Corinne Arnold


18.07.2017, 03:42

Johann Dreilich family

Dear Forum list: Johann Dreilich (1814,Kalisch area, his father Georg) oo (c. 1854?) Marianne Kuhnert, moved to Wolhynia, had children Julianna 1857, Samuel c. 1859, Friederika 1860, Gottfried 1863, Rosalia 1865, and Karl 1868. Friederika is my great grandmother.
He married 2nd wife 1874 at Rozy Caroline Putzke and had Christian 1876, Wilhelmine 1879, Ludwig 1883.
I have very little info on Samuel (oo Wilhelmine Irrgang), Gottfried (oo Julianne Mueller) and on Christian (Emilie Doering), all married at Rozy. I would be happy to hear from anyone who is searching this family! I am most grateful. Kind regards, Corinne Arnold

Ansgar Mantey

18.07.2017, 09:36

@ Corinne Arnold

Re: Johann Dreilich family

Hallo Corinne

Dreili(n)g Samuel 23 oo am 9 Oct 1883 in Adamow Rozyszcze Ergang Wilhelmine

Johann Dreilig & Marianne Kunert und Gottlieb Ergang & Anna Dorothea Reimann



Dreilich Emma * 14Oct 1884 Janowka, Kr. Lutzk ROZ
Samuel Wilhelmine Ergang

Dreilich Gustav * 21Jul 1886 Janowka Podberesje, Kr. Lutzk ROZ Samuel Wilhelmine Ergang

Dreilich Olga * 18Apr 1888 Janowks Podberesje, Kr. Lutzk ROZ Samuel Wilhelmine Ergang

Dreilich Wilhelm + 25Apr 1887 Rozyszcze Janowka, K. Lutzk Samuel Ergang Wilhelmine



Corinne Arnold


19.07.2017, 02:12

@ Ansgar Mantey

Re: Johann Dreilich family

Dear Ansgar,
THANK YOU for sending me this info, it confirms what we were told that they had a family. This gives me their names that I can search! Corinne

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